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Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Compass Leasing takes pride in knowing that its consistent service and product offering has resulted in strong customer loyalty and satisfaction from...

Equipment Vendors Equipment vendors (also known as suppliers, distributors, resellers, or manufacturers) have historically been the backbone of volume in the equipment leasing industry. While Compass Leasing does a significant percentage of leasing directly to end users, the majority of lease volume is generated from relationships with equipment vendors. We strive to provide our equipment vendors with courteous service, competitive rates, flexible terms, tailored programs and prompt credit decisions. us if you are a vendor with a question or need our leasing services for your customer.

Equipment Users Equipment users who have become "Compass Lessees" represent a wide diversity in both size and type of business, from household name public corporations to the small business around the corner. Reflecting Compass Leasing's primary areas of concentration, the majority of industries represented in our customer base are local, city & state municipalities; healthcare; graphics/printing; manufacturing and business technology. Virtually any type of business equipment or software can be leased to a qualified lessee. us if you are an equipment buyer with a question or lease request.

Funding Sources

Funding Sources Compass makes a portion of its own funds available for direct lease funding. The majority of funds, however, are derived from institutional sources located throughout the United States. These associations, which include banks, insurance companies and independent finance companies, provide in depth knowledge of a wide cross-section of markets and competitive financing availability.